Montrose Bridge over Highway 59 at night with Lighting by Gandy Lighting Design by Commercial Photographer Dee Zunker

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I have been the one with the camera for most of my life, and became totally passionate about photography 12 years ago. As my skills developed, my need to chase my passion lead from my corporate job to creating imagery for clients full time in 2017. I specialize in 360, architectural and commercial work, and you can see my professional work at Dee Zunker Photography.

I have learned so much about photography and business ove rthe years, and I love sharing what I know. I will spend time discussing your area of interest whether it be composition, white balance, 360 tours, gear, workflow, computers or SEO. I provide one on one or small group online sessions, and also presentations for larger groups of photographers and artists. I have put together a list of various topics below. Contact me to plan our session together.  

One on One or Small Group Topics

  • General Photography
    • Composition
    • Gear
    • Flash
    • Color Management
    • Black and White Photography
  • 360 photography
    • Capture
    • Gear
    • Post Processing – PTGUI
    • Tour Creation
    • Hosting
  • Drones
    • Photography
    • Getting Authorizations
    • Night time waivers
    • Workflow
  • Computers – Building/Upgrading your own
  • Digital Asset Management
    • Back up schemes
    • Daily Workflow
  • Building your own website
    • WordPress
    • Smugmug
    • Pixieset
  • Software
    • Lightroom
    • Photoshop
    • PTGUI
    • PanoTour Pro
    • 3D Vista
    • Photomatix
  • SEO
    • WordPress
    • Workflow with Lightroom

Larger Group Presentations

  • Getting Found on Google Search and Maps
  • Getting Started with your Drone Photography
  • Getting Your Work Online
  • WordPress Tips for Photographers
  • Matting and Color Printing Your Work
  • Copyright Basics
  • Working with Lightroom
  • My Favorite Photoshop Tools
  • Creating Realistic Images using High Dynamic Range Processing
  • How to Photograph your Art for Exhibition
  • The Color of Light

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    This selfie under a bridge in the Windy City was selected for exhibition with the Visual Arts Alliance.

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    I love learning about new things, figuring them out, doing it myself, and then sharing with other people. Sharing is what this blog is about. I want to share what I know, and also learn from others, which is awesome.